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Hajj ruling

Hajj ruling Hajj is considered one of the pillars of Islam, which God – the Most High – made obligatory for every capable Muslim once in a lifetime. This is evidenced by: the saying of the Messenger of God May God’s prayers and peace be upon him: (O people, Hajj has been enjoined upon you, …

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Teaching the Holy Quran

Teaching the Holy Quran, Allah, may He be glorified and exalted, sent down the Noble Quran to his worshipers, made it comfortable for them, Online quran classes an answer to all their questions, made his readers a special place in his paradise, and ordered them to recite it and recite it because he will come …

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Learning Quran Online Free

Learning Quran Online Free

Learning Quran Online Free, the method of teaching the Noble Quran varies according to the students ’age and abilities. If they are children, Quran online with tajweed the teacher should start spelling Arabic letters with them. Then, after mastering it, the teacher begins writing individual words to his students and training them to read and …

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