Can You Read Quran Online Without Wudu (Ablution)?

Can You Read Quran Online Without Wudu (Ablution)?

Can You Read Quran Online Without Wudu (Ablution), Reading the Noble Quran is important for every Muslim, and not reading it completely is one of the images of desertion of the Quran that Allah Almighty has condemned in his dear book, when:

Allah Almighty says: (And the Messenger said, Lord, that my people have taken this Quran as desolate. And likewise, He made us an enemy for every Prophet.)

And the meaning of the verse, even if it was revealed to describe the unbelievers who rejected the messages of Allah Almighty through His honorable Messengers, but also indicates that abandoning the reading of the Noble Quran is one of the acts of the infidels. 

As the Sheikh of Islam Ibn Taymiyyah said: (Whoever forsakes the Quran is one of the enemies of the Messenger).

Online reading of the Holy Quran without ablution

Reading the Noble Quran without ablution If a Muslim recites the Quran and he is obligated to the minor and not the largest, on the condition that he does not touch the Mushaf.

(Muslims are unanimously agreed that it is permissible to recite the Quran from a modernist, and it is better for him to purify himself). 

As for touching the Quran, it is not permissible except with purity, according to the consensus of the four imams. As for the imams al-Hakim, Hammad, and Daoud al-Dhahri, they went to the permissibility of the matter based on:

Allah Almighty says: (It is a noble Qur’an * in a book that is within * only the purified ones touch it * a revelation from the Lord of the two worlds).

But if it is the major impurity and the man is in impurity, then it is not permissible for him to read the Quran, whether or not he touches it, and the matter is not completed for him except when he is bathed from impurity.

Evidence for this noble hadith narrated on the authority of the Messenger, peace be upon him: (The Prophet, may Allah prayers and peace be upon HIM, was withholding nothing from the Quran except impurity, and in a narration that when he went out of relieving oneself, he read some of the Quran and said: This is for one who is not junub, but for a person who is not junub, or a verse).

As for what was said about menstruating and postpartum, the scholars were divided into two categories: one of them says that it is not permissible for them to read the Quran because it is a greater event, and the other part said that it is permissible. 

Because menstruation and the postpartum period are not permanent and are not classified from the major event.

The virtue of reading the Holy Quran

The Islamic religion has been keen to encourage Muslims to read the Noble Quran, for many reasons that a servant can obtain, and among the most important of these matters are the following:

Tranquility descends upon a Muslim when reading the Quran, and covering it with angels, and if a group of Muslims study it together, the reward is doubled, based on the noble hadith about the Messenger, peace be upon him:

(No people will gather in a house of Allah to recite the Book of Allah and study it among them unless tranquility descends on them, and they are overwhelmed by mercy, they are protected by the angels, and Allah reminded them of them.)

The Messenger, peace be upon him, urged his companions to continue reading the Noble Quran for his great virtue, and it is as stated in the proven hadith about him, peace be upon him:

(The Prophet, may Allah prayers and peace be upon HIM, said to my father: Allah commanded me to recite the Quran to you. 

My father said: Allah made me fat for you? He said: Allah called you to me. So he made my father weep. And Qatada said: I prophesied that he recited to him: Those who disbelieve were not disbelievers.).

Reciting the Noble Quran has multiplied good deeds, so the Muslim reaps a lot of good by reading alone, which is mentioned in the noble hadith about the Messenger, peace be upon him:

(Whoever reads a letter from the Book of Allah has a good deed in it, and good is ten times as much. I do not say pain is a letter, but a thousand is a letter, lam is a letter, and a meme is a letter).

The reader of the Noble Quran rises to a position in which he is one of the people of Allah Almighty, for the Messenger, peace be upon HIM, said in the noble hadith: “Allah has worthy people among them. They said: Messenger of Allah, who are they?

The Holy Quran intercedes for its reader on the Day of Resurrection

Also, some of the surahs have a distinctive characteristic and a virtue that accrues to the Muslim.

Read the two flowers: Al-Baqara and Surat Al-Imran, for they will come on the Day of Resurrection as if they were clouds, or as if they were two clouds, or as if they were partitions of a bird swallowing, arguing about their companions.

Read Surat Al-Baqarah, if he takes it as a blessing, and leaves it with grief, and the heroism cannot do it. 

Muawiyah said: It was reported to me that the heroine is magicians. And in a novel: the same. However, he said: It is as if they are in both of them, and he did not mention Muawiya’s saying: “It is to me.”