Learning Quran Online Free

Learning Quran Online Free

Learning Quran Online Free, the method of teaching the Noble Quran varies according to the students ’age and abilities. If they are children, Quran online with tajweed the teacher should start spelling Arabic letters with them.

Then, after mastering it, the teacher begins writing individual words to his students and training them to read and correct their pronunciation.

Learning Quran Online Free

Then if the students mastered spelling and reading, Quran online with tajweed then the teacher can present the Basmalah and Surat Al-Fatiha to them, and train them to recite it.

Then the teacher goes ahead with the short surahs until the student masters it and moves it to others, and the student and the teacher continue to do so, and the teacher does not miss to allocate time to review previous lessons from time to time.

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Etiquette of reciting the Holy Quran

There is a set of etiquette that it is desirable for the reader of the Quran to recite when reciting it, including:

The sincerity of the intention to Allah Almighty in the recitation.

Evoking the majesty and status of the Quran, Quran online with tajweed and the servant invoking Allah in recitation.

Learning Quran Online Free
Learning Quran Online Free

Clean the reader’s mouth with toothpicks before beginning to read.

It is desirable for the recitation to be performed after purification and ablution, while it is permissible for the reader to not perform ablution.

Choosing the appropriate clean place for reciting the Holy Quran.

It is desirable to receive the qiblah and to read with reverence, serenity, and the presence of the heart.

Repeating refuge and basmalah when starting recitation.

Repeating verses and repeating them to ponder them, and sensing the words of Allah – Glory be to HIM – when passing a verse of torment, or passing through a verse of praise to Allah, and so on.

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The virtue of learning the Quran

He who was keen to learn the Noble Quran and create it, Quran online with tajweed attained many virtues, including:

  • He intercedes for his companions on the Day of Resurrection.
  • He brings good deeds and a great reward to the people of his recitation.
  • It protects against falling into slips and taboos.

How to learn Quran recitation

You can learn recitation in the following ways:

Listening to the Quran a lot by the good imams, or listening to tapes of the well-educated Quran while tracking their reading on the Mushaf, in order to learn ways to read the Quran, Quran online with tajweed and to adopt one reader to make it easier for you to get acquainted with the rulings and not to be confused or distracted.

Registration on the Internet site, which is the best online recitation of the Quran memorization, in which these rulings are taught, the learning is applied in recitation to the teacher and the possibility of correcting the mistakes made by the learner.

Watching the Quran recitation lessons that are displayed on the online recitation website, and trying to self-implement and taking into account the alerts that are displayed and repeating what you hear verses recited in front of you.

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Buying Quran books or Qurans that clarify rulings by adopting special colors explained in the footer or side margins of the page, which helps in understanding and separating the ruling.