Teaching the Holy Quran

Teaching the Holy Quran, Allah, may He be glorified and exalted, sent down the Noble Quran to his worshipers, made it comfortable for them, Online quran classes an answer to all their questions, made his readers a special place in his paradise, and ordered them to recite it and recite it because he will come as an intercessor for them on the Day of Resurrection.

However, most people do not master the correct method of recitation, taking into account the rulings of intonation. Therefore, we have devoted this article to explaining the static rulings of a nun, tannin, and MIM.

Teaching the Holy Quran

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Everyone who stated his words when reading letter by letter will be recited, and accordingly, Online quran classes the science of recitation is defined as a revelation from Allah Almighty.

The Noble Quran was revealed to our master Muhammad, may Allah prayers and peace be upon him, through the revelation of Gabriel, peace be upon him singing, Quran online with tajweed and it was communicated as it was received from Allah without adding or decreasing.

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Teaching the Holy Quran

Then to the honorable Companions and those who followed them from among the followers until it reached us and will remain preserved until the Day of Resurrection, and the knowledge of recitation came with the aim of protecting and preserving the Noble Quran and preventing the spread of different types of melody, especially after the entry of non-foreigners into the Islamic religion. A transition to intonation is related to mastery and improvement during reading.

Teaching the Holy Quran
Teaching the Holy Quran

What is the science of Tajweed?

As for the science of Tajweed, it is that science that researches the manner of pronouncing letters, and it is concerned with the exits and characteristics of the letters and all the rulings presented to them in all cases, and it is intended by these cases, Online quran classes the endowment, the beginning, the cutting, the connection, and others.

Since we are referring to chanting, Quran online with tajweed and as we started in the introduction to our conversation, we must explain the most important matters related to intonation.

How to recite the Quran

Recitation is one of the degrees of intonation, and whoever wants to improve its recitation is required to improve its intonation, that is, Quran online with tajweed knowledge of the rulings of recitation related to the rulings of the consonant and tanween, as well as the rulings of the consonantal MIM, Online quran classes the exits and the qualities of the letters, in addition to the Mudd and others.

Tajweed rule

We can divide Tajweed into two aspects, Online quran classes the theoretical one related to knowing, memorizing, and understanding the rules of the rulings of Tajweed and that is a kifaya (obligation).

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As for the other aspect, it is practical, Online quran classes which focuses on the application of the tajweed theoretical rules during the recitation of the Quran, and it is a duty for everyone who reads the Holy Quran.