Learn Quran Recitation Online

Learn Quran Recitation Online: Learning the Holy Quran and teaching it and explaining it to people is one of the best deeds and for the sake of closeness to Allah, and his teacher and learner enjoys goodness in this world and the hereafter. On the authority of Othman bin Affan, may Allah be pleased with HIM, he said: 

The Messenger of Allah, may Allah prayers and peace be upon him, said: “The best of you is the one who learns the Quran and teaches it. ». Narrated by Bukhari

The scholars have stated that teaching the Quran is a communal obligation. If it is done by someone who is sufficient, sin is waived for the rest, and if there is no one in society who performs this duty except for one or a few who will be assigned to them, Imam al-Nawawi, may Allah have mercy on HIM, says: “Teaching the learners – meaning the Quran – is an obligation Adequacy.

If there is only one who is suitable for him, he will be assisted by him, and if there is a group, education will be obtained by some of them, and if they abstain from all of them they have sinned, and if some of them do it, embarrassment is waived for the rest, and if one of them asks and abstains from doing so, then show both ways that he is not sinning, but it is hated for him if not He has an excuse. ”

Reasons Why You Should Learn Quran Recitation Online

1- Linking verses with meanings and facts

When memorizing, try to link the verses with the meanings even if they are only within your imagination, such as your imagination of some infidels putting their fingers in their ears when hearing the Quran when you are reciting, and examples as follows:

  • Allah Almighty says: They put their fingers in their ears [Al-Baqarah: 19].
  • And you imagine an unbeliever kidnapped by lightning upon reading:
  • Allah Almighty says: “Lightning hardly extends their eyes” [Al-Baqarah: 20].
  • And you imagine that there is an oppressor who bites his hands when:
  • Allah Almighty says: “A day the oppressor bites on his hands” [Al-Furqan: 27].

Imagining the image in your mind and linking it to the verses will help you to consolidate and memorize it, and this is the easiest way to memorize the Quran in a quick time, but we warn us to link the words of Allah to what is not appropriate for it or to what is not necessary, such as clowning and jokes, and it is not permissible to tamper with the Quran for the sake of memorization.

2- The easiest way to memorize the Quran is to read slowly, not fast, on the Internet

When reading carefully, you will give the eye time to move left and right and focus on lines and verses, as if you were photographing the page. By looking at the written, and covering the other page until the first is established.

3- Writing the part you want to save and place it in a visible place on the Internet

If you write the part you want to memorize and place it in front of your eyes on a wall or a visible place in the home or workplace, for example, you will find that you are repeating it after two or three days at most, and it is preferable to start gradually and write it with your hand so that it is easy for the eye to take a photograph of what you write and recall it at the time of prayer or when memorizing.

4- Your association with your sheik and teacher

When you are looking for a teacher or sheik to keep his hands, try to relate to him educationally and mentally, and stick to his method of intonation and memorization, as this method will work on not distracting your mind.

5- Focus on the similarities and lift the confusion

Focusing on similar verses will lift the confusion that you will fall into if you do not differentiate between them, for example when you read:

Allah Almighty says: And they unlawfully kill the prophets [Al-Imran: 21].

Allah Almighty says: “The prophets killed them unlawfully” [An-Nisa: 155].

The first verse is in a surah and the second is in another, and it is possible that confusion occurs when reading, but knowing the reason for both revelations and why they are mentioned in two different pronunciations will make it easier for us to distinguish and be the easiest way to memorize the Quran by knowing the causes of revelation.

And for those who want, there are many valuable and wonderful books dedicated to the similarity of the Quran, the book (The Evidence in the Similarity of the Quran) by al-Karmani, and the book (Fath al-Hamman) by Judge Zakaria al-Ansari and other books.

6- The sincerity of desire and the strength of the motive for conservation

A goal must be set to motivate you to save with desire and strength.

7- Asking for help and praying to Allah

Try to make supplication to Allah to make it easier for you to memorize and make it easy for you, and do not miss the hadith of the Messenger, may Allah prayers and peace be upon HIM when he said to Forbid Ibn Jabal, may Allah be pleased with HIM: (Forbid, and by Allah, I will love you, and Allah is for HIM: I love you. Accompany every prayer that says: Allah, help me in your remembrance, thanksgiving, and good worship).

Learn Quran Recitation Online

The easiest way to memorize the Quran is to be familiar with several important points that those who wish to memorize the words of Allah Almighty must recall them, namely:

  • reparing the soul at the time before memorization, that the Hour says such and such, Allah willing, I will memorize part of the Quran so that you have a psychological readiness to memorize.
  • Determine the part to be saved.
  • Set a goal to attain.
  • Visualize your goal being achieved.
  • Dream about saving more to motivate you to achieve your dream.
  • Be confident that your mind is creative and that you are able to accomplish as the child’s confidence in fulfilling his father’s promise.
  • Focus on only what you want to save.
  • Always make in front of you the fruits of your memorization of the Book of Allah, as your motivation for memorization.
  • Make a schedule for your memorization dates and the number of verses you will memorize each time to complete your task.
  • Some of the scholars mentioned that among the foods that increase preservation is drinking honey, eating raisins, and chewing some types of gum.