Quran is: the Word of God Almighty and His Straight Path, which is the basis of a unification, and the argument the Apostle compelling, and his greatest, which is the source straight to the legislation, and manholes wisdom and guidance, a mercy rendered to the people, and the light reflected to the nation, and Amahgp white no one deviates from it but he is doomed.

Allaah says: {Verily this Qur’an guides to that which is I} [Night Journey]. He said peace be upon him: (preferred to the word of God Almighty to speak to other like the superiority of God to his creation) Narrated by Tirmidhi and he said good-strange, Albanian and weaknesses. Ibn Masood may Allah be pleased with him said: The Prophet peace be upon him: (this Qur’an banquet of God, They learned from Madpth what you can, this Qur’an rope of God, a light set out, the healing beneficial for those who stick with it, and the survival of those who followed him, and perverteth the judgment shall, and Aazag Vistattab, do not cease his wonders, does not create for the large response, Vatloh, God reward you for reading every letter ten good deeds, but I do not say pain character, but a thousand centuries, and L-century, and M’s) Narrated by al and the Governor and corrected, and that which followed the golden Rawa is weak.

– Praised God Almighty on the following to the Book of Allah said: {Those who rehearse the Book of Allah and establish prayer and spend out of what We have given them secretly and openly, they will never fail to pay them their wages, and gives them increase of His bounty He is Forgiving, thanks} [creator: 29-30].

– And said peace be upon him: (read the Koran, it comes the Day of Resurrection interceding for its companions) Narrated by Muslim.- And said peace be upon him: (such as a believer who reads the Koran, such as Alotrjh, good fragrance and good taste) Bukhari and Muslim.

– There is no doubt that the whole of learning the Qur’an and teaching is more perfect that is complementary to himself and others, inclusive of benefit of the minor on himself and benefit the infringer to the other, so they said peace be upon him: (The best amongst you to learn the Koran and knowledge) Narrated by Bukhari.

Distinction of God the Holy Quran from all other books that promised to save it, he says: I mentioned we went to him and I will guard} [stone: 9].

– It pleased God Almighty reading of the Koran and save it to worship God said: {And We have indeed made the Koran Is remembereth} [Moon: 17]. We find a small child and foreigner refers and others, to accept the Quran, Allah makes it easy for him to do that, though he does not know Arabic or write something.
– And have urged Islam to save something from the Koran, even if small, and to strive to increase it, and almost the Prophet peace be upon him the heart of the man who does not save anything from the Quran House debris-free construction, dilapidated corners .. He said peace be upon him: (if that is not something in his stomach like a house in ruins’ of the Qur’an) by Ahmed Hassan said is true, and corrected Suyuti.

Praised the Prophet peace be upon him on the permanent reading of the Koran, study, those who are engaged to manage and learn the meaning of its provisions, so he called the people of God and his own.
Said peace be upon him: (the people of the Koran are the people of God and his own) Narrated by Ahmad and Ibn Majah and female, and classed as saheeh by Hafiz Iraqi and Suyuti.

– And said peace be upon him: (The best of his knowledge and learn the Quran) Narrated by Bukhari.

– And said peace be upon him: (The tribute of God: honoring a Muslim al-Shibh, and the holder of the Quran is a precious and Asharq him, and honor of a Sultan installments) Narrated by Abu Dawood, and classed as nuclear and Suyuti.

– Jabir may Allah be pleased with him that the Prophet peace be upon him was the combination of the two men dead, one then says: (whichever is more Qur’aan? Refer to the one foot in the grave) Bukhari.

Should be when you read the Quran that manages the reader and reflect on the meanings of the Koran and its provisions, because this is the greatest objective and required the most important, and has Tnscherh chests and inform the hearts, he says: a book sent down to you Mubarak to afford some sort of His signs [Al p 29].

– A recipe for that is that holds his heart Baltvkr in the meaning of what pronounces it, realizes the meaning of each verse, and contemplates the do’s and don’ts, if that limit him in the past, I apologize and ask forgiveness, and if over the verse mercy rejoiced and asked, or suffering compassion and sought refuge, or disliked outings and bone, or supplication and prayer request.
– Huzaifa said may Allah be pleased with him: “I prayed with the Prophet peace be upon him one night Vavcth cow … if recited over the verse in which there swam praise, and if a question asked over and over if Ptauz sought refuge,” Bukhari.

Is recommended to take the Qur’aan and pray that it is an obstacle to Mazan answer prayer.

– Qatada said: “It was Anas ibn Maalik, may Allah be pleased with him if the Qur’aan would gather his family and called.” Narrated by Tirmidhi.

– The time that concludes the Qur’an are different to different people, but the reader should be stamped twice in a year that is not able to increase.

– About Makhoul said: “It was a strong companions of the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him read the Qur’an in seven days, and some of them in a month, and some of them in two months, and some of them more than that.”

– And scientists hate to end in less than three; for saying peace be upon him: (no clue of the Quran read in less than three) Narrated by Abu Dawood and Tirmidhi and classed.

– The Prophet peace be upon him to Abdullah ibn Amr ibn al-Aas: (Read the Quran in a month) said: I find strength. He said: (read it in ten) said: I find strength. He said: (Read in seven no increase on it) Narrated by Al-Bukhari and Muslim.

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