Prayer is the second most important pillar of Islam and is the most regular compulsory action in a Muslim’s life. We fast just one month a year; we must give Zakah once a year, and Hajj is only once a lifetime. However, prayer is the one act that must be fulfilled at least five times a day, regardless of the circumstance.
Man is forgetful, especially with our busy lifestyles. Prayer satisfies our spiritual need to be in contact with our Creator. This gives the soul peace and contentment.

Man is surrounded by numerous trials and problems. Once we focus on strengthening our relationship with our Lord, He, who is All-Powerful, will fix our worldly problems. As our scholars say, whoever strengthens their relationship between themselves and Allah, Allah will strengthen their relationship between themselves and their creation.
We need to look at prayer with deeper thoughts. Prayer isn’t just closing your eyes, folding your hands, and speaking. Prayer is a much more meaningful part of religion. We all need to pray, God himself demands us to pray.

The prayer that we pray should be the one that comes straight from our hearts. Prayer shouldn’t be a job or a planned out speech. God is ever ready to help His devotee and the way to reach him is through prayer.
Prayer is a way of being: being in the moment, being present, being open. It is a way of learning to be ourselves. Prayer is a way of relating: to God, to ourselves, to those around us.

Prayer is one of the pathways to the divine presence. There is great power in prayer. Prayer gives you comfort in pain, gives you the answers you want from God, and healing to a broken spirit. Everyone prays to God in their own way. We can all pray anyway we like, as longest, we do pray. There are so many different ways to do prayer for different reasons. Language plays a big role in prayer. We have to understand, what we are praying to God. We have to feel the connection with God through prayer. If we do not know the meaning of the prayer, then there is no point for us to even do a prayer.

Prayer is our direct line with heaven. Prayer is a communication process that allows us to talk to God! He wants us to communicate with Him.
Despite prayer being so important, it is a sad fact that many Muslims do not pray or fulfill the conditions of the prayer. Its purpose is to put ourselves in touch with God; to strengthen our relationship with Him; to be grateful for all His blessings, and to remind ourselves of His Greatness. Just as the body requires physical needs such as food and water, the soul has spiritual needs. The needs of the soul are provided by acts of worship, the most important of which is prayer. It could be that the body of a person is healthy but the person is spiritually dead