Teaching children the Quran online Tajweed

Teaching children the Quran online Tajweed, during the memorization sessions of the Noble Quran, Online Quran classes we can ask students for verses in different ways, Learn Quran online so that we can find in the classroom variety and give it more vitality so that they do not feel tired.

Also, their relationship with the class and the attendance in light of this diversity becomes stronger and better.

Online Tajweed classes kids 

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For example

We can ask the question individually or individually. Meaning that we ask each one of the memories separately, and when he reads his verses and his archives, the others are only listeners.

One of the downsides of this method is that the professor may not be able, Learn Quran online during the specified time for the class, to ask everyone about a large number of their archives, and it is natural that there is insufficient time for several people, especially when the number of attendees is large.

But the professor can somehow occupy others. An example of this is by asking them to pick up on the reader’s mistakes, that is, for others to pay attention to the suspicious sites that occurred in them.

Then they show it when he finishes reading. Learn Quran online with tajweed (Everyone closes the Qur’an, listen carefully to reading it, Learn Quran online, and discover the mistakes that he made).

This method stimulates others and pushes them to focus their senses on the verses.


Online Tajweed classes kids teachers adults 

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Teaching children the Quran online Tajweed

This method relies on asking the audience to collectively read their archives together.

Learn Quran online with tajweed

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This method is very interesting and requires the participation of all class attendees, and in this way, Learn Quran online they re-read (repeat) their archives.

Learn Quran online

In addition, during a short period, you can be reassured of memorizing all the participants in the class, and by looking at the faces of the participants in the course, you can distinguish between those who memorized the verses and others who accompanied these sessions and recited their archives in public.

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It is clear that the program given to them made them memorize the Quran and contribute to strengthening their Quranic memory.

This method creates diversity and forgetfulness in the classroom, Learn Quran online and the memorization sessions become enjoyable.