How children memorize the Quran online

How children memorize the Quran online, it is natural to pay attention to the most important feature of memorizing sessions for children, Learn Quran online for students to have memorized verses in their homes before the session, and to display what they memorized during it.

How to hold Quran memorizing sessions for children

The first section: asking questions about the verses.

The second section: Learn Quran online Memorizing the new verses by making use of teaching aids Online Quran classes (tablets, audio, and visual aids).

In the memorization sessions, Online Quran classes the teacher begins by asking questions about the verses that have been memorized during the previous session.

He examines them and encourages them to memorize the new verses that they should memorize during the session.

It is very useful to take advantage of educational demonstration aids such as a board and tape recorder.

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Online Quran classes

The teacher begins by reading the verses and repeating the children behind him, then he clarifies and explains them. And he helps them to fix it in their minds by making use of recitation tapes, and along this way, he completes sentence by sentence, and word afterword, Learn Quran online the stages that should be folded.

Learn Quran online And he continues to memorize sessions in this way, and in this way, Learn Quran online with tajweed our dear children memorize in the same session the required verses.

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Children memorize the Quran online

The difference between memorizing adults and children is that the adults memorize the verses in their homes and present them during the session, Learn Quran online with tajweed while the youngsters memorize the verses and present them (they read them by heart) during the session.

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Therefore, Learn Quran online it is natural that the memorization sessions and teaching hours are more for the young than for the adults.

Adults can hold a session a week, and complete the work of memorization in this way, while young people must have at least three weekly sessions, two sessions, each of two hours, in order for them to be able, during a certain period, to memorize several Surahs of one part.

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Here, there must be an important thing, which is that it is necessary to start from the thirtieth part for juveniles so that it is preferable for adults to memorize the thirty part first, and after he is fully able to it, he begins to memorize the first part, then the rest of the parts.