Online Quran Learning Tips

Online Quran Learning Tips, here are some great tips to start a project to memorize the Noble Quran online at, Learn Quran online with tajweed an informal group that psychologically prepares you to start the most important project in your life.

Learn Quran online with tajweed

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Online Quran Learning Tips

1- Make sure to listen every day

The most important project in the life of the believer is memorizing the Noble Quran. This project may completely change your life. Learn Quran online with tajweed Our first advice is to you while you are on the path to memorizing the Quran.

To start listening to the Quran every day for as long as possible. This listening will change your brain system.

Scientists have proven that every sound that a person hears and repeats several times creates a change in the system of cells’ work, Learn Quran online and therefore your listening to the Quran means that you will reprogram your brain cells according to the Book of Allah Almighty and the teachings and rulings that came in it.

In order to ensure positive and effective change, Learn Quran online we must listen to the Quran with complete reverence.

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2- Let your goal be the pleasure of Allah Almighty

Any project must have a goal to succeed and bear fruit, and this is a question that you must direct to yourself before starting this project: Why did I memorize the Qur’an? 

The answer was that I memorized the Quran out of love for Allah and sought to please HIM and to win the happiness of this world and the hereafter.

IF this is the goal, then you will be halfway through memorization. Try to sit down and think about the benefits of memorizing the Quran, and how it will change your life as it changed the lives of those who memorized it before you.

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How to memorize the Quran without forgetting

If you were able to create the appropriate atmosphere and climate for you in the session remembrance of God and memorize his book and also made sure to apply the points mentioned in the previous paragraph, you will easily be able to memorize the Quran without forgetting.

Likewise, one of the most important things that may help a Muslim man or woman in memorizing the Noble Quran is that you worship Allah as if you do not see HIM, and if you do not see HIM, then He sees you, also that you fear Allah Almighty in all your life because fearful Allah revives hearts and enlightens insight.

How to memorize the Quran for adults

One of the easy ways to memorize the Noble Quran for adults is to reflect on reading and understanding the meanings of the verses of the Quran, contemplate their meanings, and try to search and identify the cause and time of that verse’s revelation and the situations that occurred in it.

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Knowing these matters helps to relate the verse to its own position in memory, which leads to not forgetting it at all, but rather to be able to memorize it with the utmost ease and ease.