Memorizing the Quran in English

Learn To Read Quran Online For Kids

Learn To Read Quran Online For Kids, many parents accept their children memorizing the Noble Quran from a young age and are looking for the easiest way to memorize the Holy Quran. Young men and women also search for how to memorize the Quran in an easy and simple way without forgetting.

In these lines, we try to highlight and provide some tips on how to memorize the Quran in an easy way online at

Learn To Read Quran Online For Kids

Memorizing the Quran is a sufficient obligation, and on Ibn Abi Talib – may Allah be pleased with HIM – memorized Surat al-Baqarah in ten years, and this was not the negligence of the Companions because they were a working folk and not folk of memorization, and the person who does not memorize the Holy Quran completely does not enter Hell. That all the Companions did not memorize the Holy Quran completely.

The easiest way to memorize the Quran is on

1- Take care to choose the appropriate time to start memorizing.

2- Choosing the appropriate place for conservation, so that the dispersals are few.

3- Dedicate all that is occupied before starting to memorize.

4- Eat sugars; Because conservation is the function of the mind and the mind is thriving on sugars.

5- Starting memorization when a Muslim is an average between hunger and satiety.

Factors that help to memorize the Quran in an easy way

  1. Seeking forgiveness and turning away from sins.
  2. The right intention and determination to sincerely protect the sake of Allah.
  3. Insist on Allah to finish memorizing the Quran with supplication.
  4. Not to be lazy on conservation and maintain it without interruption.
  5. Time management and daily response to avoid boredom or face difficulties.
Learn To Read Quran Online For Kids
Learn To Read Quran Online For Kids

Steps to memorize the child of the Holy Quran

  • The child hears the Noble Quran a lot during pregnancy. It has been scientifically proven that the child is comfortable and reassured and is positively affected in the womb of his mother, who keeps reciting the Holy Quran and hearing it frequently. Pregnancy, and from here the events that a pregnant mother is exposed to, affect the fetus in her womb, positively or negatively, so it is no wonder if we say that raising a child starts from the period of pregnancy.
  • Loving the child about the Holy Quran, through a lot of reciting and listening to it at home, and with beautiful and varied voices in reading.
  • The presence of an appropriate role model in the home, whereby the child commits himself in memorizing the Holy Quran. The child tends to imitate his parents and be influenced by them, positively or negatively.
  • Reinforcement in reciting the Noble Quran and memorizing it also, morally or financially, even though the child is more inclined to material strengthening, such as giving him after mastering a surah from the Noble Quran a material reward such as a good game, an amount of money, or an entertainment trip, and so on.
  • Gradually memorizing the Noble Quran, starting with memorizing small surahs with short verses.
  • The correct mechanism of memorization is provided, which is the typical reading from the father or mother, then reading the child after that, and in the manner of memorization and annexation, meaning memorizing verses and joining them together, so whenever he memorizes a number of verses, he adds another number to it, and connects them well.
  • Memorization through modern methods of memorization, such as the teaching Quran for children, where the reader reads and repeats a group of children behind it. This is an interesting and stimulating way of memorizing the Holy Quran, and it combines memorization, suspense, and play.
  • Recording the surahs that the child has mastered, memorizing them with his voice, through smartphones, then reciting them to him. This is a great means of reinforcement, and it has a beautiful and interesting way to confirm what has been memorized.
  • Memorizing among a group of children, such as if the child enrolls in special courses for memorizing the Noble Quran in the mosques, broadcasts the spirit of competition between children.
  • Preservation in camps or summer camps for memorizing the Holy Quran and this is a great experiment that has proven to be very successful, as happened, for example, in the camps for memorizing the Holy Quran in Gaza, where thousands of the memories of the Holy Quran were graduated in a short period of time.

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How to memorize the Quran online

Take advantage of the old school system. So we memorize the child, opening the book first, then we start from Surat Al-Nas up to Surat Al-Falaq and then Al-Ikhlas, so as the child grows, we memorize the large Surahs. Third: It is desirable for the memorization to be at the hand of a sheik so that he learns the rulings of recitation.

The child’s mastery of memorizing the Noble Quran depends on the existence of a clear program of memorization, in which all or most of the previous elements are organized.

The merit of memorizing the Quran

“Whoever reads the Quran, learns it, and works with it, will wear a crown of light on the Day of Resurrection, whose light is like the light of the sun, and his parents will be dressed in two suits, the world will not do them, and they will say: What clothes do we have? It is said: “By taking the Quran for your child.”