Hajj is one of the five pillars of Islam on which the Islamic faith is based, and it is to go to the city of Mecca, and God Almighty has enjoined every Muslim to perform that duty at least once in his life, and of course this is if the Muslim is able, as Hajj is for those who are able As for those who are unable to do so, there is no blame on them if they do not perform the pilgrimage.

Muslims wait for the month of Dhu al-Hijjah until the rituals of Hajj begin, and the takbeers begin in the sanctuary, and people listen to it in homes and mosques, as Hajj is one of the most spiritual events carried out by a Muslim, in which Islamic rites are practiced in the most sacred places in the entire world.
Hajj has pillars and duties as well as sunnahs, and the Muslim must know all of them well before he goes to perform Hajj, as some of them may lead to failure to perform Hajj, such as Ihram, standing, circumambulating after standing, and seeking after any circumambulation. Removing the hair of the head or part of it by shaving, cutting, or the like. These things are among the essentials.

One of the things that makes Mecca a special place in the hearts of Muslims is that it is the birthplace and place of birth of the Prophet of God Muhammad, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, and the Holy Mosque and the Noble Kaaba will remain among the most sacred sites in Islam, which any Muslim wishes to visit one day, and we all pray to God To grant us that wish and to visit his sacred house.
The Haram is the place where a number of Muslims from all parts of the earth gather at a specific time of the Hijri year, and in the city of Mecca there is the Noble Kaaba, which is the building that the Prophet of God Ibrahim and his son Ismail, peace be upon them, built by order of God Almighty, after God had redeemed God. Our master Ishmael slaughtered the ram, just as Mecca was the place where the revelation came to our master Muhammad for the first time when the Messenger was in the Cave of Hira, and this is what made people look at that city as a spiritual place and the heart of Islam.

The pillar of Hajj is the fifth pillar of Islam, which every Muslim who is financially and physically able to perform must perform. As for those who are not able to perform it, this is not obligatory, and there is no sin upon him. There are some people who like to do good deeds who offer a sum of money to those who are unable so that they can go to grind.

The rituals of Hajj have continued unchanged since its inception and until this day, and Hajj is still one of the strong Islamic pillars that gather Muslims in one place regardless of their nationality or sect, in which every Muslim abandons his bad deeds, hatred and hatred, and goes with all his faith until he is forgiven. God has all his sins, and he must resolve not to repeat his sins again.

We find that Muslims in Hajj wear Ihram clothes and begin to perform the rituals, and one of the most spiritual events that we find among them is their helping each other when needed, and that is why this pillar of Islam will remain sacred in all of our hearts.