Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions:

Tellawaonline can benefit you immensely by allowing you to learn the glorious Quran from the safety of your own home. You can search profiles of some of the best Quran tutors in the world on Tellawaonline. For children, it is comforting for parents that a Tellawaonline class happens from home, under their watchful eye. The child gets complete attention with one-on-one tuition and parents are also able to review session recordings.

Tellawaonline is where Quran Students and Tutors can find each other and learn using Tellawaonline’s Virtual Classroom. Whether you are looking to teach or learn, Tellawaonline provides a safe environment with all the tools you need built into our website.

People of any age, living anywhere in the world can use Tellawaonline. We require that children using the site ask permission from a parent before signing up. Using technology to connect students and tutors across the globe, Tellawaonline can be used to find the best available person to learn from.

Tellawaonline is a freelancing site, which means Tutors can directly create profiles on Tellawaonline and offer their services. This means you can find the most comprehensive global list of Quran tutor profiles in one convenient place so that you can choose who you want to learn from. Apart from helping you find the right tutor, Tellawaonline has the learning tools built right into the website so that you can learn in a safe environment.

Yes. Tellawaonline provides parents and students built in tools, which help monitor the teaching sessions. Parents can view session recordings within Tellawaonline

to monitor the lessons for content and quality.

You can schedule a lesson with the tutor directly. Tellawaonline provides tutors and students the facility to interact with each other using the “Message” option, which you can use to decide a mutually convenient time for the one-on-one lessons.

After a student has hired a tutor, they can call each other when they are both online at the agreed time. 
Calling opens a window where the webcam starts and the interactive Quran screen is shared. You should sign in to tellawaonline and be ready to proceed with the lesson at the time you agree with your tutor. Don’t forget to take into account the different time zones you and the tutor might be in.

You do not need any special software or hardware to conduct a session. All you need is a webcam, a mic and internet connectivity, all of which are commonly found in a laptop these days.


No. You can cancel your monthly subscription any time you want by visiting your Plans and Pricing page.

Sure. You can upgrade or downgrade to any plan by visiting your Plans and Pricing page.

The Monthly Plans you can purchase from here , allow you to access the Virtual Classroom on Tellawaonline’s website. It includes features such as Archiving, Parental Watch, Video Streaming, Audio Streaming, Synchronized Quran, Text Chat and other features, which make it easy for a Student and Tutor to collaborate online for Quran learning. The plans DO NOT include the Tutor’s fee, which you have to pay the tutor directly.

The hours you do not utilise during the month roll over to the next month as long as you have an active plan. If you unsubscribe, the accumulated hours expire when your plan expires.

A tutor sets his or her own hourly rate, which is indicated in their profile. Tellawaonline logs the hours which you spend learning with the tutor in the Virtual Classroom and calculates the cost of those hours so you know how much you owe the tutor. You can agree the payment terms with the Tutor before you start a contract with him/her about how and at what intervals you will pay the Tutor.

This is something you should discuss with the tutor before starting a contract. Usually a tutor will give you their bank account or PayPal details to which they would prefer to have the funds transferred.