Evil eye jealousy

Evil eye jealousy


It is normal, trying to learn a new skill just as your friend did, to wish for an expensive car like the one that your neighbor bought, So you work harder for that.


When you wish for something that you saw with another person, there is nothing wrong with that. 


But, it is horrible when you start to feel jealousy cause someone has something you want it so badly, this is called Evil Eye.


Definition of Evil Eye 

Evil Eye is a term used to describe some distressing actions, happen out of jealousy from one person to another, such as loss of wealth or someone you love.


Evil Eye it may manifest as a sickness, an accident or feeling frustrated.


Evil Eye is real or just a legend?  

As Muslims we are firm believers in the Evil Eye, that is why in the Middle East almost all people believe deeply in Evil Eye.


Evil Eye has been mentioned in Quran, there is Surah called Al Falaq

 (The Daybreak) 

It talks of Evil Eye and that Allah is the only protector of the envy and the Evil Eye.


What does the Quran and Hadith say about the Evil Eye? 

From the above there is Surah called Al Falaq (The Daybreak) 


“say: I seek refuge with the Lord of the Dawn, from the mischief of created things; from the mischief of Darkness as it overspeards; from the mischief of those who practice secret arts; and from the mischief of the envious one as he practices envy.


Our beloved prophet Muhammad Spoke about Evil Eye, he forbade us from envy and commended us to say “Masha’a Allah” 

(as Allah Willing) expresses appreciation.


So Muslims say Masha’a Allah when admiring someone or something to remind themselves that Good things come from Allah, to avoid Evil Eye.


Muslims commit serious Mistakes due to Evil Eye 

Regrettably, some Muslims if any little thing goes wrong start to blame the Evil Eye and someone “giving an eye”.


They Completely forgot that Allah is capable of everything, he is able to protect you from the Evil Eye, thus, afflict you to test your faith. 


From ancient times, people of weak faith try to protect themselves from Evil Eye with talismans, hand of fatima, beads, etc.


Protection from the Evil Eye 

Allah is the only protector from the Evil Eye, being near and closer to Allah by Doaa (prayer), doing good things keeps you away from the harmful Effects of Evil Eye.


Protect your brother from Evil Eye by saying Masha’a Allah when you praising something with him 


Prophet Muhammad advised us, he gave us the medicine, Al Quran is the cure of all the diseases and therefore Evil Eye


He recommended us reciting some verses called verses of Ruqyah, a certain verses have a divine power, protect you from demons,Evil Eye to hear it  


Having pure heart, full of love to Allah without grudge protect you from Evil Eye

In the End we say Allah is the only protector 

From  Evil Eye and nothing else.