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No doubt reading Quran is one the greatest act to Approaching to Allah so you must learn correct reading before start to recite Quran, is it make sense? surely it’s right.

so we provide you with qualified Quran Teacher have long experience in Teaching Quran And Arabic online, Our tutors are very cooperative and patient, whatever your age you can get a great benefit from their knowledge and start reading Quran in Arabic letters. This course is especially for beginners.

Would you like to learn Quran reading ?
If this is your first time to learn Arabic, and you want to learn it to be able to read Quran, then this is the most suitable course for you.

He also will learn the different shape of letters when they are written at the beginning of the word, middle, and at the end. The student will be able to differentiate between the close similar sounds like the sounds of (ص, س), (ض ،د)(ق, ك), and (ت, ط). He also will know the how to pronounce the heavy letters and the light ones.

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Time: 10 weeks

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