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Learning Quran is goal every Muslims in this life because it’s Allah words and reciting every Letters gives you reward and multiply it to ten.

Benefits reading the Quran:
The Prophet Muhammad stresses the importance of reading the Quran the following hadith: “The Prophet [SAW] said: ‘The parable of the believer who recites the Quran is that of a citron, the taste and smell of which are good. The parable of a believer who does not read the Quran is that of a date, the taste of which is good but it has no smell.

Being a non-Arab, I found it very difficult when I first started learning proper recitation of the Quran.
I received a lot of help from others by the guidance of Allah, and I will share with you some of the tips which I found very useful for rapidly facilitating proper Quranic recitation.

What is Tajweed ?
-Tajweed linguistically means: betterment.

-The term of tajweed as a rule alludes to the rights and duty of the letters, implies the best possible elocution of the Arabic letters from its right enunciation focuses. Tajweed resembles the language structure of perusing Quran, one of the noblest art of Quran. A novel science branch that accumulates bunches of prizes to Muslims.

Applying tajweed rules (basically) while discussing Quran is Fard Ain , implies mandatory on each Muslim, while recognizing tajweed terms (theortically) is Fard Kefayaa, implies a typical duty among Muslim country.

online quran teaching,learn the rules of tajwid.

Imam Ibn Aljazaryee said it is mandatory to learn tajweed , whoever peruses without tajweed , submits sins.

How can I learn Tajweed ?
Tajweed science ought to be adapted orally, transmitted from approved Quran educators to understudies through various stations.

A few understudies depend on self-learning strategies through after youtube instructive recordings, which isn’t adequate for legitimate Quran learning nor fastidious letters articulation.

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Time: 10 weeks

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