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What is Ijazah meaning ?
An ijazah : (permission, authorization, license) is a license authorizing its owner to transmit a a particular text or subject, which is issued by somebody already possessing such authority.

The license usually implies that the student has acquired this knowledge from the issuer of the ijaza through first-hand oral instruction.

In this program student of online Ijazah course will get a consent or Ijazah from an effectively confirmed Imam or researcher. This Ijazah can be in perusing of the Quran with tajweed to the Sheik or recitation by heart too. The sheik or a female instructor will listen the perusing of the entire Quran from the student with connected principles of Tajweed. Ijazah for remembrance/Hifz will be issued once the student will discuss the entire Quran by heart to the educator. This is the way to get ijaza in Quran and Memorization.

You can set a timetable for you for your online Ijazah program and present the Holy Quran to your educator distributed to you by our group. Essentially Ijazah is given in Qirat Hafs from Asim (حفص عن عاصم).

Ijazah in other Qirat:
The following are the other Qirat you can register to get Ijazah in them as well.

Nafi’ (d. 169/785)
Ibn Kathir (d. 120/737)
Abu ‘Amr ibn al-‘Ala’ (d. 154/762)
Ibn ‘Amir (d. 154/762)
‘Asim (d. 127/744)
Hamza (d. 156/772)
al-Kisa’i (d. 189/904)
There are 3 Mashhur:
Abu Ja’far (d. 130/747)
Ya’qub (d. 205/820)
Khalaf (d. 229/843)

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Time: 10 weeks

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