10 Things You Should Know About Taraweeh | About Islam

10 Things You Should Know About Taraweeh | About Islam


Ramadan is the blessed month in our Islamic Community, it has some special worships such as fasting, Taraweeh prayers , tahajjud prayers.


Undoubtedly, in Ramadan we do more good deeds, it’s an annual opportunity to get closer to Allah, and ask him to expiate our sins.


What does Taraweeh mean?

Taraweeh is the plural of the Arabic word Tarweeha which literally means (the rest),

It refers to the rest between every four raka’at.


Taraweeh prayers are Sunnah deed, prayers perform at night after salat Al Isha’, it can also be called qiyam Al layl (night prayers).


The number of Taraweeh prayers raka’at’s from 8 up to 20 but Almost of Muslims pray 8 rakat and rest between Every four raka’at

Why should I pray Taraweeh 


Taraweeh prayers is not Fard 

(not an obligatory good deed), despite that Taraweeh is really important .


Our beloved Prophet Muhammed said “whoever approach to Allah by performing any of the optional good deeds 


(in ramadan) shall receive the same reward as performing obligatory deed at any other time. 


In addition to, the rewards for good deeds are multiplied to infinitely, during the months of Ramadan, the rewards for Taraweeh are even greater.


Things you Should know about Taraweeh 

Taraweeh prayers is one of the most important good deeds in Ramadan, Taraweeh is a main part of the spirit of Ramadan.


Both, Praying Taraweeh at masjid Congregation as most of mosques, or praying Taraweeh at home without problem. 


If you pray just 2 rakat of Taraweeh no doubt you will be rewarded, praying 2 rakat is better than non, but absolutely, complete Taraweeh would be better.


Taraweeh prayers are 8 up to 20 rakaat, plus 3 rakat of witr, 2 rakaat by 2 rakaat and in the rest between every 4 rakaat at 


most of masjid (mosques) the Imam 

makes a short speech about the advantage of performing good deeds in Ramadan like Taraweeh.


To perform Al Taraweeh If you only suwar of the Quran or a little verses by heart you can repeat the verses you know, with the aim to learn more as soon as it possible.


Our Prophet Muhammed said “whoever prayed at night(Taraweeh) in it (the month of Ramadan) out of sincere faith and asking for Allah’s forgiveness,then all his previous sins will be forgiven.


Tips to help you enjoy Taraweeh in Ramadan 

Remind yourself that Taraweeh it’s once opportunity comes every year, so when you go to masjid to pray Taraweeh make sure


to be stress-free, after finishing your work and everything you need to finish. 


Have a light iftaar so when so when the time of fasting ends don’t full your stomach, so you can pray Isha’ and Taraweeh 


comfortable, then when you back home you can finish iftaar.


Make sure to Carry a water bottle with you when you go to masjid, to freshen up in the breaks during Taraweeh.


Dua’a is you friend in Taraweeh prayers, ask for forgiveness, solving for All your problems and accepting from Allah for you Good deeds.